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Weighted Slam Ball, 5kg 11lbs


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Full Body Strength & Conditioning Building Slam Ball

Unleash explosive movement and athletic potential! Engage your full body and build strength and conditioning, cardio, and flexibility. Our slam balls make great cross fit, workout of the day, and HIIT workout tools as well as help with training regimens in physical and physiotherapy, personal training, and military boot camp. Add a slam ball to your home or office gym to train when it’s most convenient.

Each slam ball has a durable, rubber shell with a textured surface, put as much strength into each slam as possible. Unlike traditional balls, each slam warps the ball into a different shape. Pick it up and slam it again to contort the ball into another shape.

Why You’ll Love It:

Slam balls have become training essentials for many different applications. You’ll build strength, power, and speed while you have fun slamming the ball into the ground. Take them to the floor and hold them while you perform crunches or hold them during squats and lunges for added resistance.

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