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Travel Toilet 2.6 Gallon

A comfortable option for camping, hunting, road trips, and boat trips. The top features a larger seat size than most competitors, with an increased bowl size. The freshwater holding tank utilizes a pump flush action to effectively rinse the bowl of the toilet. The 2.6-gallon detachable holding tank seals firmly to prevent escaping leaks and odors.


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The Camco Camping Toilet is a durable,

 The interior of the holding tank has a slick surface to make waste removal easier and more efficient. Remove the flush tank one-handed by toggling a single locking latch. The latch is spring-loaded for automatic re-attachment. The Camco Camping Toilet features a lid that can be latched closed for easier transport or completely removed for cleaning. It is made of durable ABS resin and will seal in unpleasant odors for an overall better camping toilet experience. 














Measures 13.8″H x 16.25″ W x 18.4″ D and weighs 11lbs when empty and 32.6lbs when full.

The outside width of the seat measures 12.6″ the inside width is 8.4″. Patented.

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Weight 16.15 lbs







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