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Neon Plastic Shuttlecocks


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Neon Shuttlecocks!

Give any game of Badminton an exciting jolt with neon shuttlecocks! No longer lose your birdies on a hot, sunny day as you can spot these colors on any surface. Each can comes stocked with 10 shuttlecocks in various colors from Orange, Pink, Green, and Yellow, two of each color. You also will receive two of the timeless classic white shuttlecocks so you can play the both ways. >

Why You’ll Love It

With high quality nylon and plastic construction, these shuttlecocks will be in play for your games of Badminton for many matches to come! These birdies are perfect for use on any court, indoor and outdoor! They come in a super handy storage tube for travel to and from each match. They soar through the air with standard flight and rotation, but they will surely bring the excitement with ultra-neon colors!

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