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Aqua Dumbbells, 2-pack


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Resistance is Crucial

We all know traditional workouts can be tough on the feet, knees, and joints. Try changing things up with low-impact aquatic exercise. You get the same benefits of aerobic cardio, with the added resistance and comfort of a refreshing pool of water. Plus, low impact exercise helps you avoid the aches and pressures of running on a treadmill or concrete. Whether getting in shape, burning calories to achieve weight loss goals or training for a healthy, physically fit swimming season, you’re all set for smooth sailing.

Why You’ll Love It

Our sturdy foam aqua dumbbells and fitted grip provide critical resistance weight training for any underwater workout. This two-piece of adult’s exercise equipment is sized at 5.75″ diameter, 3″ width on the weight, and a length of 10 inches. Although a single dumbbell weighs less than a pound, this tough EVA foam construction offers plentiful resistance for a complete, refreshing aquatic training program.

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