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Ab Wheel - Dual Wheel Roller w Non-Slip Grip, Green


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Sculpt & Shape Abdominals!

The Crown Sporting Goods Dual Wheel Ab Wheel has been designed to help you sculpt abs and build overall strength. Working out with the ab wheel gives you not only a great ab workout but also works your arms and back at the same time. Your back and arms will be engaged during every rollout, bringing tone and definition to both.

Each Dual Wheel Ab Wheel has been designed to tone and strengthen your entire core. From your obliques to your lower abs, you’ll notice it helps shed body fat and those dreaded love handles. The Ab Wheel is safe to use; it has two non-skid wheels and non-slip foam grips for stability.

Why You’ll Love It:

Going away for a holiday or business? This Ab Wheel is portable and light weight, so you can throw it in your gym back or pack it when you go. It’s great for people of all fitness levels, the intensity can be reduced or increased simply by switching from your knees to your toes or rolling out further.

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