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6ft Wide Flamingo Float


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Make a Splash with this Feathery Flamingo!

This gigantic pink flamingo float is over 6 feet wide! Grab a friend (there’s plenty of room!) and kick back in style for the perfect lazy day at the beach or a splashin’ pool party. Made of durable, long-lasting vinyl and dyed with eye-popping, bright colors, it’ll be hard not to stand out. Don’t let the fun deflate at your next summer beach party! We’ve included a safety patch kit for accidents.

Why You’ll Love It:

Finally, a float that shows off your inner party animal! Grab a friend or two and soak up some sunshine on this feathery flamingo float. Take your raft anywhere: the beach, the lake, or the pool. Hop on and let the waves lead you to your own summer paradise.

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