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6-pack Adult Scrimmage Pinnies, Orange


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Identify your teams with these pinnies by Crown Sporting Goods. Made from a durable mesh, they can withstand the roughness of scrimmages, practices, intramural and professional games. Coming in packs of 6, these pinnies are great for nearly any team sport: basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, and more. They are available in seven bright and bold colors to make it easy to quickly identify teams. They come in in yellow, red, orange, dark blue, light blue, green, and black.

Why You’ll Love It:

Pinnies are a great way to easily identify teams during games. They can be used for a wide variety of sports, so they’re great for coaches, schools, athletic departments, community centers, semi and professional leagues. They are even great for pickup games at home. These pinnies are sized for adults, making them a great fit a wide variety of players. Their bright colors will make it easy to identify teams during indoor and outdoor games. Each set even comes with a matching drawstring mesh bag that perfectly fits a set of pinnies and keeps them protected in between uses.

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