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42' Tennis Net & Winch Cable with Carry Bag


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Nothing but Net!

Our tennis net is standard size, 42′ long. Each tennis net comes with a tennis cable, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. The cable itself even comes pre-threaded into the headband, saving you time and effort that can be exerted playing tennis! The white net headband is vinyl coated for enhance durability. The net itself is made with durable, braided polyethylene to avoid the usual net fatigue.

To get the most out of your tennis net, we have included a black storage/carry bag. Take your net down and take it with you to another court or simply store it before intense weather or the winter. Our net works well indoors and outdoors.

Why You’ll Love It:

Our tennis net can be used to make a multi-sport court as you can play many racquet sports using it. After tennis season ends, store your net away in the convenient storage bag. Don’t leave it out all year as the net and cable can be damaged.

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