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These are trying times. Are you Prepared?

There are several items that need to be considered when one is preparing survival food rations. A basic survival kit needs to include many items. Here we will discuss just the food portion of a survival kit that should be kept on hand in the home in case of an emergency of some sort.

A good way to store survival materials is to keep them in a cellar or basement area. Many homes do not have these areas so a designated meeting place somewhere near the center of the house will work just as well. Items can be placed into a large plastic, or water proof, or what is known as a bugout bag. To be opened only to replace old items or in a state of emergency.

Protein is a staple that must be included in the kit. There are plenty of options from which to choose. It is best to have several small containers rather than one large one. Individual units of things like peanut butter, canned chicken or tuna, and beans are all good choices for proteins. These need to be canned items and not in plastic or paper containers. This will ensure the contents are safe from contamination. Individually packaged nuts are also a good protein choice to be included in the kit.

Small packages of crackers can be placed into metal containers and stored in the kit as well. These will need to be changed out every three months to keep them fresh though.

There are many types of dried fruits that can be stored in a survival kit. Several different types of fruits can be purchased so that there is a variety. Individual packages are good but mostly just try not to buy the very large bags. The smaller the bag the better as this will yield less waste.

These are a few staple items that should always be included in a survival kit. There are other types of packaging to choose from. The storage space must be considered and items purchased which will allow for the maximum amounts of key items to be stored in case there is an emergency situation.

MREs or meals ready to eat, are the perfect emergency survival food. First designed by the military, they are now available to civilians as well.

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