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You may have seen these little Contraptions, and wondered. How does it do that?

People call self-balancing scooters “hoverboards” because of the sensors that help them stay balanced. The board’s sensors find out which way the rider is leaning. They then tell the board’s motor how fast and in what direction to spin. That’s how this “hoverboard” stays balanced!

Also known as a self-balancing scooters, hoverboards are portable electric devices that move on two wheels. They entered the market around 2015 and have been gaining an increasing popularity since. How much does a hover board cost? Hover board prices vary depending on manufacturer. Hover boards for kids are the least expensive. Hover boards for adults are the more expensive.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable, a rider is suspended on a platform between the two wheels. The platform is large enough for the rider’s two feet and has some space for balance.

When a rider leans forward, backward, right, or left, the wheels move in that direction. A series of sensors and pressure pads help catch the rider’s weight and prevent them from falling forward (but there is some balance involved)

Charge Time –Approx. 2 Hours. Weight – 220 Lbs. Distance – up to 6 Miles Top Speed – 6 – 8 MPH.




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