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Start your adventure today, with your very own canoe. You don’t have to strap on a huge backpack and hike 10 miles in the wilderness to find solitude; there’s nothing easier than loading up a canoe and pushing it off a rope into the water.

On a canoe trip, you don’t have to worry about squeezing past others on narrow paths or dragging liters of water; all you need is the right boat and off you go.

For many people who are a beginner in paddling or an experienced water sports fan, you will find the perfect canoe tour in Canada. Canoeing in the United States makes it easy to find nearby routes that suit your style, be it braving rapids, overcoming grueling portals, or simply sitting on a waterline relaxing.

Experience the natural beauty of the cold water streams. If you paddle for the first time, are not in good physical condition, or are not a strong swimmer, I recommend a 4-mile tour.

If the thought of a water adventure doesn’t inspire you to plan a paddle trip. If you go canoeing on a river, you will be faced with more planning than a typical backpacking trip. You need to consider the water levels, how the river runs, and know which route you are going to take.

A friend of the Chicago River believes that canoeing is a form of grassroots environmental activism. The Clean Water Act of 1972 sets standards for the cleanliness of water based on the way that people use it.

Much of the history of the fur trade in Canada unfolded along the many major waterways, and canoes were the predominant means of transporting goods and furs to the ports of Hudson Bay. Indigenous hunters, early explorers, and adventurers were in search of fur pelts in their canoes, and this journey led to the mapping of the country’s lakes and rivers.

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